FLOUR is an indispensable element for transformation when blended with other elements.

FLOUR Services

The greatest thing since sliced bread.

Service Design

Designing end-customer and business foundations to drive service and product development.


Innovative yet Grounded.

Business Design

Designing new perspectives and people-centred answers for complex organizational challenges, involving multiple areas.




Workshops Facilitation

Reaching a common understanding across different teams and personalities, using facilitation skills with a set of proprietary tools.




Breaking new ground.

Always providing customer perspectives for your challenges, we discover, question and design innovative ways to promote your business.

Combining simplicity, diversity and a people-centred approach, we are your starting point for achieving grounded results.

Energy, perseverance and talent from start to finish giving you a clear competitive edge.

FLOUR Approach

Things may seem messy, when creating something unique.

#01 ask why.

Everything starts with understanding and questioning the challenge, to ensure everyone is on the same wavelength.

#02 discover.

A purpose is built around people. End-users. Business and Technology stakeholders. Discovering them, their culture, their needs and motivations in an in-depth approach is the key for a unique delivery.

#03 reframe.

Outlining the needs found and rebuilding stories that underlie reality, is usually a surprise: what we all thought as being the purpose of the project, might be reframed.

#04 co-create.

Based on the framed insights, it is time to have the stakeholders co-creating solutions. This is another crucial source of insights for a unanimous solution.

#05 create.

After all the ingredients have been collected and blended in the right proportions, through an iterative process we create a grounded concept. Grounded to the technology capabilities, to the business priorities and to the end-users motivations.

#06 design.

With all the stakeholders on board with the concept, we design a set of journeys and prototypes, making sure the end-user and business experiences converge and are simplified. In the end, everyone challenges it for the final adjustments.